Rubber Fabrication

Pioneering Quality in Rubber Innovation

Elevating Industries with Quality Rubber Solutions Since 2018

Dependable rubber solutions, unmatched quality.

Strength in Every Rubber Solution.

Trust in us for reliable rubber solutions with unbeatable quality.


Bridging Excellence
in Rubber Solutions.

XOVAX Corporation is a newly formed company that aims to provide affordable quality rubber products to its clients in the cement, milling, shipping, steel, pulp, mining, construction, power plants, sewage and dredging industry.

Our team is composed of personnel which has extensive experience in the rubber industry for 10 years or more.

A sister company of 1st Degree Marketing, which started in 1998 as a trading company which offered office and computer supplies, we have expanded our products and clients based from Metro Manila to the far north- Bulacan, Bataan and Ilocos Norte down to the south- Angono, Batangas, Tanay, Laguna and Iligan.

Our Services

Redefining Excellence in Rubber Solutions.

Rubber lining (on site)

Water proofing

Customized Fabrication (steel/rubber)

Our Products

XOVAX Rubber Solutions: Elevate Performance, Embrace Durability.


Elevate your industry standards with our expertly molded rubber solutions, tailored to meet the diverse needs of cement, milling, shipping, steel, pulp, mining, construction, power plants, sewage, and dredging sectors.


Engineered to withstand the toughest conditions, our high-quality rubber hoses offer seamless fluid conveyance for industries ranging from cement and mining to shipping and construction.


Bridging Precision and Flexibility. Engineered for seamless integration, our high-performance rubber connectors ensure optimal flow and adaptability in various industrial applications.


Designed for dynamic environments, our rubber expansion joints offer unparalleled movement and absorption, preventing stress and extending the lifespan of critical infrastructure.


From cement to mining, our rollers redefine industry standards with expert engineering. Crafted for durability and seamless operation, XOVAX Rollers ensure smooth and efficient material handling, contributing to the reliability and success of your operations.

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