Rubber Lining (on site)

XOVAX Corporation specializes in on-site rubber lining services, bringing unparalleled expertise and efficiency directly to your industrial facilities. Our seasoned team, with over a decade of experience in the rubber industry, ensures precision and quality in every application. From cement plants to mining operations, our on-site rubber lining solutions provide durable protection, extending the lifespan of equipment, and minimizing downtime. Trust XOVAX for seamless, cost-effective, and high-performance rubber lining tailored to your industry’s specific needs.

Water Proofing

At XOVAX Corporation, our Rubber Waterproofing services redefine protection against moisture. Leveraging our extensive experience in the rubber industry, we deliver superior waterproofing solutions that combine flexibility and durability. Our expert team applies advanced rubber technologies to create a seamless barrier, safeguarding structures from water infiltration. Whether for industrial, commercial, or residential projects, XOVAX’s Rubber Waterproofing ensures long-lasting resilience and peace of mind, providing a reliable defense against the elements. Choose XOVAX for waterproofing solutions that marry innovation with proven rubber expertise.

Customized Fabrication (Steel/Rubber)

We specialize in tailored solutions through our Customized Fabrication services, seamlessly blending steel and rubber to meet your unique specifications. With a skilled team boasting over a decade of experience in the industry, we craft precision-engineered solutions for diverse applications. From robust steel structures to flexible rubber components, our customized fabrication ensures the perfect synergy of strength and resilience. Trust XOVAX for innovative and bespoke steel and rubber fabrication, delivering solutions that match your specific needs with unparalleled quality and durability.

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